Founder and Chief Investment Officer

Charles Tedstone returned to the UK in 2012 after a decade of living and working in Guernsey, and was shocked by how stuck the country’s housing market had become. It concerned him that so many normal, hard-working people could not afford to buy a home. Charles, who had recently been through a divorce and was on the cusp of turning fifty, took stock of his life. He felt compelled to use his three decades of industry experience to take action and decided to establish a company where he could tackle societal issues and create a legacy his son could be proud of. Charles had enjoyed a sterling career in investment working for and with a number of respected financial institutions and had gained a reputation in the industry as a highly creative thinker. Charles founded innovative investment company, Cherry, with the goal of promoting change and growth in markets that matter to society, starting with housing. Charles was so passionate about Cherry that he gave up well-paid consultancy roles in order to focus all his attention on developing his own business plans.

Charles spent the next four years working through each aspect of buying a home and realigning the financial interests of all parties involved in order to ensure an equitable deal for all. He established a likeminded board of directors from the fields of entrepreneurship, law and shared ownership who all shared his mission and values. Charles – who is enthusiastic about breaking down stereotypes – has located Cherry in Chippenham, Wiltshire, to dispel the myth that all investment innovation has to happen in London and that disruption is possible from anywhere. Cherry has a number of other disruptor products in development to inspire change in the housing market and beyond.

Prior to Cherry, Charles’s career highlights to date include:

  • Chairing The World Property Derivatives Conference in 2007 and 2008
  • Designing a range of bespoke insurance risk mitigation and credit strain products
    on behalf of some of the biggest names in financial services including BarCap,
  • UBS Warburg, Friends Provident and Scottish Equitable
  • Working with UBS creating a Credit Derivative (CDs) process for illiquid CDs
  • Designing the first insurance solution to credit strain on a fixed derivative portfolio
  • Working with MSS in its development of index-based structures with FTSE
  • Holding the position of Director of St Jacques Investment ICC Limited; a designer of bespoke insurance and financial solutions

When Charles isn’t working, he can be found pursuing his other passions: gardening, cooking, watching rugby and spending time with his family.